Lego Car

Hardware modules of MoonBot Kit can be connected to lego parts and used to build lego robots.

Basic connection: There two main types of lego parts: technic series and traditional series.Horizontally placed modules are compatible with traditional series, while vertically placed modules are compatible with technic series. Traditional parts needs to be transfered to a 2X2 lego block, and technic parts needs black bolts to connected to others, as is shown below.


Demount the screw of active wheel, remove the active wheel and mount an adapter of TT motor to Lego. Then MoonRover can use Lego wheels to become a traditional two wheel car. And a universal wheel is needed to make the car horizontal, as is shown below.A big wheel will make the car drive twice faster than before.


Biped Robot

MoonBot controller can be connected to 4 servos, and made a biped dancing robot with some sheet metal parts.


Shell Mod

Shell of MoonBot can be modified by yourself.Just use 3d printing, paper and wood boards to change shell or inside parts of MoonBot. For example, a cool dragon from Teacher Ma is shown below.