MoonBot Mixly Guidelines for Programming Construction

There are two ways to install MoonBot Mixly. Download the full package and unzip, or install independent library if you already installed Mixly.

Instructions are shown below.

Full Installation Package Download

Windows/Linux/Mac Full Edition MoonBot Mixly Package Download Link:

Independent Library Installation

Import and upgrade Mixly-Arduino Library

  • 1.Start Mixly-Arduino

    • Windows

      Open {your_mixly_path}/arduino-1.8.5/arduino.exefile under the Mixly installation path,start Arduino

    • Linux

      Running Arduino files at the terminal,start Arduino

      $ cd {your_mixly_path}
      $ ./arduino-1.8.2-linux64/arduino
  • 2.Click on Project - > Load Library - > Manage Library', openLibrary Manager’.`


  • 3.Search library AsyncDelay, install the relevant library if not installed and update if the library is not the latest edition


  • 4.Install the library Software Wire ``Adafruit_NeoPixelServo’according to the installation method of the third step, ensure that the relevant library is installed to the latest version.

  • 5.Close Arduino,Complete the installation of the base library.

Import Mixly Library

  • 1.Click Download MoonBot/MuVisionSensor3 The latest version of Mixly Library Compression Pack

  • 2.Upzip the downloaded MoonBot/MuVisionSensor3compression package

  • 3.Open the Mixly interface, click the import button,find the files at the end of xmlunder the MoonBot/MuVision Sensor 3 folder path.

  • 4.Library installation completed