MoonBot Kit APP Firmware Upgrade Guide

Programming with MoonBot Kit APP requires burning the specified firmware in the master control.

This article guides users how to upgrade MoonBot Kit master module to burn firmware needed for APP programming.



  • MoonBot kit

  • PC (Windows,Linux,Mac OS)


Upgrade by burning HEX files

Upgrade Arduino source code by compiling Arduino IDE

  • 1.BuildingMoonBot Kit Arduino development environment

  • 2.DownloadMoonBot Kit Master remote control source code( File)

  • 3.Open Arduino IDE,Click Project->Loading Library->Add.ZIP library`,Select the.Zip file downloaded in Step 2.


  • 4.Select the. zip file downloaded in step 2 and click OK to load the source code of MoonBot Kit master remote control

  • 5.Click Arduino File->Example>MoonBotRemote->RemoteWithDemo,Open Source code


  • 6.Connet MoonBot Kit Master Control to Computer,Click Arduino Tool->Port,Selectthe corresponding MoonBot port.

  • 7.Click the Download button and wait for the download to complete


  • 1.After restart, press the main control button A, close to the A key LED bright blue light and give a prompt sound.

  • 2.After restart, press the main control button B, close to the B key LED bright green light and give a prompt sound.